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Episode 135
Advocating during Tenuous Times
July 20, 2023

Although there has been progress in creating awareness, education and support for the 2SLGBTQ+ community, over the last few years the community has been subject to increased amounts of hate and harassment across the US and Canada. Advocate, CEO and Principal Consultant at Ivy + Dean Consulting, Jacq Brasseur joins us on the pod to share their journey to advocacy, the current climate of push back, and what needs to change moving forward.

Episode 132
The Role of Income Supports in Ending Homelessness
July 13, 2023

We can’t really have the conversation about ending homelessness if we don’t look at income supports for our most vulnerable. Lee Stevens from Vibrant Communities Calgary joins us on the pod this week to talk about basic income, her research around it, and her hopes for the future of income supports in Canada.

Episode 131
The Value of Family and Natural Supports
July 6, 2023

US based researchers Jacqueline White and Mallory VanMeeter join us on the podcast this week to talk about the importance of Family and Natural supports for youth experiencing homelessness. We discuss how a sense of community matters to finding and keeping housing for young people, and how by adjusting policies, practices and programs, we can keep youth in housing with natural family supports and out of the formal homelessness system.

Episode 130
A Home Is Also Good Food and Community 
June 29, 2023

Chef Cori Doern has worked tirelessly over the years to create equal access to good food through sharing knowledge around cooking, food, nutrition, and how to stretch your food dollar way further. With food insecurity at an all time high, we talk about what drives her to create access to good food, how she’s done it, and what has to change moving forward.

Episode 129
Homelessness in the Big Apple
June 22, 2023

How is homelessness being approached in New York City? We talk to the CEO of City Relief, Josiah Haken this week on the pod, around what homelessness looks like in NYC post pandemic, what strategies are being used to prevent and end it, and what has to happen in the near future to support their most vulnerable citizens.

Episode 128
Paving A Way for People with Diverse Abilities
June 15, 2023

This week we are joined by Gary Gladstone from Reena, a non-profit organization that promotes dignity, individuality, independence, personal growth and community inclusion for people with diverse abilities within a framework of Jewish culture and values. We chat about the disproportionality between the large portion of people experiencing homelessness who have diverse abilities and the elusiveness of funding to meet their housing and support needs. Hear about the amazing work Reena has done to support adults with diverse abilities over the last 50 years and what has to happen in the future to put us on a better path.

Episode 127
If you were the Mayor, what would your housing platform be?
June 8, 2023

Housing is on everyone’s mind these days, and the top issue in Toronto, Canada’s largest city’s upcoming Mayoral election. This week on the pod, we bring together four amazing experts and ask the question, “If you were the Mayor, what would your housing platform be?”. You don’t want to miss it as John Fox, Ene Underwood, Diana Chan McNally, and Andrew McKenzie join us for a thought provoking and entertaining conversation.

Episode 126
Basic Income and a Just Society
June 1, 2023

Professor David Green joins us to talk about a new book he co-authored called “Basic Income and a Just Society: Policy Choices for Canada’s Social Safety Net”, where he and a team took a deep dive into Universal Basic Income. This resulted in them recommending broad policy changes moving forward. The learnings are surprising and fascinating so tune in to hear the insights.

Episode 125
The Future of Encampments
May 25, 2023

This week we’re joined by Shannon Downs, the Executive Director of the Waterloo Community Legal Clinic, and John Fox, Partner at Robins Appleby, to discuss the recent court ruling around encampments in Waterloo and what it means moving forward.  We learn how the ruling came to be in a real-life David vs Goliath story, and hear from both of these amazing experts about what the decision means for encampments across the country.

Episode 124
A Community Involvement Masterclass
May 18, 2023

While government and policy play a huge part in ending homelessness in Canada, so does community involvement. This week on the podcast, we’re joined by Community Advocate, Marj Andre, who has worked tirelessly to rally her community to be a caring, supportive, and inclusive place to live. We talk about Marj’s journey, why it’s so important to have community involved in being a part of the solution to big challenges like housing and health, and why she decided to start a new podcast to create knowledge mobilization and connection. It’s a master class in community engagement you won’t want to miss.

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