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Episode 31
Election 44: Housing, policy & politics
septembre 14, 2021

We’re joined by experts Leilani Farha, Eric Weissman and Zain Velji who talk to us about campaigning during a pandemic, housing and policy issues voters should consider this election. This is the third episode of our special election series on housing and homelessness as voters in Canada head to the polls.

Episode 30
Election 44: Lived experts & voting for solutions
septembre 13, 2021

What are some of the key election issues for people experiencing homelessness and housing precarity? What do candidates and federal parties need to get right if they’re going to solve homelessness if elected? Find out this episode and speak to folks with lived expertise. This is the second episode of our special election series on housing and homelessness as voters in Canada head to the polls.

Episode 29
Election 44: Voting with no fixed address
septembre 9, 2021

David Le Blanc is the Assistant Director for Stakeholder Mobilization at Elections Canada, where he has been working on reducing barriers to electoral participation for Canadians for many years. He talks to us about how people with no fixed address can vote in election 44. This episode is the first of our special election series on housing and homelessness as voters in Canada head to the polls.

Episode 28
Mike Lethby
septembre 2, 2021

Mike Lethby is the Executive Director of the Niagara Resource Service for Youth (The RAFT) a not-for profit agency in the Niagara region working with youth and their families. He shares why his focus has shifted to preventing homelessness, shelter diversion, and the impacts COVID-19 has had on the sector. Born and raised in Niagara, Mike worked in the local auto sector before graduating Brock University with an honours B.A. in Political Science and History. Mike also holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario.

Episode 27
Tom Cooper
août 26, 2021

Tom Cooper serves as Director of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction – a collaborative organization formed to tackle the city’s unacceptable levels of poverty. Through the roundtable’s work, Tom has engaged governments at all levels to invest in poverty reduction initiatives and worked to give people experiencing poverty a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. He talks to us about his involvement in helping to establish Ontario’s first basic income pilot.

Episode 26
Tradeworx Panel
août 19, 2021

Powered by The Home Depot Canada Foundation, TradeWorx is a collaboration of 10 successful Canadian employment social enterprises helping bridge systemic gaps and prevent youth homelessness. TradeWorx partners provide youth at-risk of homelessness with the skills training needed to secure a long-term well-paying career in the trades, resulting in the ability to afford/retain housing. Learn more from today’s guests: Emily Rowe, Sheldon Pollett, and Emmy Kelly!

Episode 25
Vote Housing
août 12, 2021

Your vote can end homelessness and housing need. That’s the core sentiment driving the national non-partisan campaign Vote Housing, which is designed to engage and mobilize Canadians to pledge to Vote Housing in the upcoming federal election. The people-powered campaign wants to see solutions to the homelessness and housing crisis on the upcoming ballot. We’re joined by Vote Housing’s Jeff Morrison, Executive Director of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, and Alex Nelson, who serves on the steering committees of both the Canadian Lived Experience Leadership Network and the Women’s National Housing and Homelessness Network.

Episode 24
Dr. Andrew Boozary
août 5, 2021

Dr. Andrew Boozary is a passionate and brilliant social advocate who uses medicine to build equity into society. He is a primary care physician and ED of Population Health and Social Medicine at the University Health Network, where he is working to develop, evaluate and scale new models of healthcare delivery for patients with complex health and social needs. During this pandemic, Dr. Boozary also serves as co-lead of the Ontario Health Toronto Region COVID-19 Homelessness Response and is a member of the Canadian Medical Association’s Post-Pandemic Expert Advisory Group. He also leads UHN’s Social Medicine Program, which aims to improve health outcomes and defend human dignity by integrating a person’s social context into their care.

Episode 23
Daniel McCulloch
juillet 29, 2021

Daniel McCulloch is a Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy at The Open University (UK). His research has explored aspects of homelessness such as the ways in which people experiencing homelessness talk about their experiences, as well as the ways in which their lives are discussed in government policy. In addition to this, he has also carried out research which examines the experiences of Deaf prisoners in the UK, and studies exploring research methods in the social sciences.

Episode 22
Cheyanne Ratnam
juillet 22, 2021

Cheyanne Ratnam is passionate about equity and developing inclusive and accessible spaces and processes. She joins On the Way Home and talks about being a first voice advocate and the groundbreaking work she is doing with the Ontario government to meaningfully change the aging out process of youth in care. Cheyanne has dedicated much of her time and expertise in child welfare and homelessness. She is the Co-founder/Executive Lead of the Ontario Children’s Advancement Coalition. She serves on the Board of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, she’s a member of the Equity and Inclusion Council of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, among many others.

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